It's time to delegate the work like a real boss do

Outsource tasks like you mean it...😈
Hi, I am Wenyin. I guess you stumbled across here because admin tasks, Instagram strategy, and funnel building is not your jam
Guess whatπŸ€”...these happen to be the services I offer...check out my services below πŸ‘‡

Entrepreneurship could be lonely...BUT it also doesn't have to be.

Dini's los angeles

I love working Wenyin. She always presents herself in a professional way and tries to deliver the best work possible.

Administrative Support


Minimum 20 hours a month

Inbox management

Travel booking

Appointments setting

File organization

Project management

Administrative Support

Free you from the work that someone else can do

You've read the legend book "the 4-hour workweek" and are inspired to achieve the level of freedom you'd dreamed of when you first started your business. You did achieve the 4-hour workweek, but it looks different than what's been portrayed in the book.

You spend 90% of your time tackling the tasks you need to do to run a business and live a life, which leaves you little time to do things that grow your business. You wonder how other people all have figured out - they get some help!

This offer is for you if you've been looking for someone to come over to take over the tasks you know you don't have to do them by yourself - such as making an appointment, booking a flight ticket, sieving through files after files and keeping them organized.

Instagram Strategy


Online presence audit

Market research of the same niche

Hashtags and SEO research

Content strategy formation

instagram strategy

I'll help you demystify Instagram and know what next step to take

Social media has evolved from a social platform to a money-growing machine. You want to get started with social media to grow your business but don't know where to start, then this service is for you.

I'll do the leg work for you - online presence audit, competitor market research, hashtags and SEO research, content strategy development - all in one PDF document done for you, so you can walk away confidently knowing what to do next.


This is an incredible testimonial that specifically overcomes a common objection, and this is the main point of the testimonial.

Business and CRM Management


Minimum 20 hours a month

Funnel building

Connecting MailGun, FGmail, or Gmail to FGF

Funnel automation

General Tech support for your funnel

Business and CRM Management

I manage the backend of your funnel

You've heard about FG Funnel - an all-in-one platform that offers membership site, creating a funnel with a stunning design, managing leads' conversation inside the platform, serving as a website for your business - but the challenge is you don't time to learn a new platform like this.

Time is money.

I will help you do the initial set-up of your FG Funnels account and set up the automation you need to save your time on manual work - yes, computers are here to reduce our workload not the other way around.

I work with entrepreneurs who have value-based messages aimed to elevate your audience's life. If you align with my values, then let's work together; I want to see you succeed in your business and thus help more people.

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